King Famous - It's Good To Be King.  Heidi Jo, King Famous, Premiere Snare Drum.
Heidi Jo, King Famous, Premiere Snare Drum.

The Album

I tried to give up making music. But after a few months of not putting any effort into any of it, I started writing lyrics again. I heard beats in my head. Bass lines started to flow. Once again, melodies were forming.

I found myself in the studio, playing the drums.

A few years ago I made a decision to never claim "I'm Back!" on any track or album. I deciced I would never go away. But coming to the decision that maybe I wasn't cut out for music, or maybe I didn't need it only brought me closer.

It's Good To Be King is my love letter to the music that influenced me to do what I do.

This is pure, and I'm proud of it. I've never learned more about music than on this album.

Thank you to my fellow mercenaries - Ryan Alvarez, Ian Adair (HCMF), Keith Ruggiero for bringing their influences to this project.

Thank you to my first female vocalist, my dream come true Heidi Jo.

What is next is what is next. Time to get on the mic once more. Peace and thanks to all.

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Liner Notes and Thank You

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