King Famous with the MPC 1000.
The MPC 1000.

The Gear

MPC 1000

This is my third album on an MPC. I've used the 2000 on Versus The Robot Factory, and this one on King Famous-King Famous. This was the first edition of this model, (the blue one) so the pads are a bit tough. Half the pads have lost their sensitivity.

Yamaha Hipgig

My favorite compact drum set, the Hipgig is designed small and strong. The sound was perfect for the types of tracks we were doing and I can't wait to use it again.

Sure SM 57

A classic.

RME Babyface

When my Avid mbox Mini stopped working, the RME Babyface stepped in. I cannot recommend RME enough. From install to production, this thing works like a charm and puts all interfaces to shame.


I love Pro-Tools and feel comfortable working with it. Learning was intuitive and it allowed me to get to my music without getting in the way. While I cannot recommend Avid's hardware on the mbox Mini level, I do recommend the software.

Liner Notes and Thank You

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